October 28, 2013

Two Very Good KDE Financial Apps, KMyMoney And Skrooge, Get Recent Updates

When many people think of financial software, they probably think of Quicken or MS Money. Or on the Linux side of the house they may think of GnuCash. But did you know that our beloved KDE has not one, but two financial applications to handle all of your financial management and forecasting needs? That would be Skrooge and KMyMoney.

October 23, 2013

Own A Small Business? KDE's Kraft Is Here To Help With Document And Invoice Generation

One of the issues facing small and middle-size businesses is how to create and manage all of the necessary documentation in order to run your business. Additionally, you also want to look good while running your business. By this I mean looking professional. Like a good website, nice looking letters, forms, and invoices are necessary in order for you to convey the right image. A tool to help design and manage all of your forms would be great, as long as it was also easy to use and still powerful. Enter Kraft.

October 22, 2013

KDE Grub-2 Editor: What it is & How To Install It (AKA Why Isn't It Installed By Default?)

One of the most common types of questions that come up in various forums and mailing lists pertain to how to manage the most important of Grub2's features. Inquiries like how one changes the default boot kernel, how to easily pass various boot parameters, or how to remove older kernel entries to free up hard drive space are common questions. Of course all of these functions are available to those who are command line wizards. For the more graphically-oriented among us, however, it might be preferred to have a handy and easy to use graphical tool to handle these jobs and more. Enter KDE's Grub2 Editor.

October 17, 2013

Stylish Kubuntu Polo Shirts Available To Show Your Support For Your Favorite Linux Distribution

Kubuntu Council member Jussi Schultink recently announced the availability of new polo shirts for sale. As of right now, there are limited numbers of men's Kubuntu shirts in (extra) large, medium, and small. International shipping is available. All proceeds from the shirts go to supporting the Kubuntu Council and their endeavors. You can also just simply make a donation to the Council as well via available shopping cart options for various monetary amounts, if you wish to support Kubuntu without ordering a shirt.

The blog post also indicates that upon a successful sales campaign of the men's shirts, ladies shirts will be added. Payment options include direct withdrawal via various banks as well as the acceptance of Visa and Mastercard. As of this writing, there are a few of each size left so it would be recommended that you act now if you would like to get in on this initial run.

I spoke with Jussi via email and asked if we can expect other items to be added to the Kubuntu Store, such as coffee mugs, etc. He indicated that it was possible going forward dependent upon cost and finding the right supplier, among other things.

Hopefully this is the beginning of a new era for Kubuntu merchandise since the Canonical store dropped Kubuntu items a while back, thereby creating a void for these kinds of things. It's also a great way to support Kubuntu financially and get something in return. After all, who doesn't love Kubuntu Blue?

Where's the real-life pictures of Jussi or Jonathan modeling the new threads?
(1) Kubuntu polo shirts have arrived!
(2) Kubuntu Merchandise


September 17, 2013

It's All About Choice: Alternate Applications For Your Kubuntu / NetrunnerOS / Linux Mint KDE Computer

We are very lucky here in KDE-land. By the grace and talent of hundreds thousands of developers and maintainers, we have excellent default applications that are carefully packaged together and installed on your KDE-based system. Everything one needs to get the most out of their computer in order to get things done. All of this is available to us via the wonderful concept of Open Source.

By default we have multimedia applications, office applications, games, email and PIM applications, vast system management tools and utilities. Not to mention web browsers and...well, you get the idea. Add to the mix the vast repositories maintained by the wonderful folks at Canonical, as well as the vast number of applications available via various Launchpad repositories.